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Sims Madness, Episode One.

So today i went crazy and decided to make a huge Sims household with myself and a bunch of my friends. I present to you: Sims Madness.

ONWARDS!Collapse )


Crush = i have one.

He's an art student at UTM


We're going on a date in two weeks when i can get to Toronto

I can't waittttt

Another one of my pet peeves:

When people say "birds and animals". Like on that African Lion Safari commercial.


Stir crazy

So, it doesn't look like i'll be getting a job this summer, save for going insane working at the restaurant, which i really can't handle doing more than a few days a week. I  talked to my dad and he said he would give me the rent money to pay Holly and then i will pay him back when my OSAP comes. Which is ok, except for the fact that i am going to be SO DAMN BORED this summer.

I need more friends or something.

I also need to find my bathing suit top. ERGH.

The internet is watching me.

So i came across one of Justin Bieber's music videos on Youtube and commented that he was a very rude kid, because i was bored and was tired of looking at all the comments from 12 year old girls saying he was "sooo cute omg and sooo telnted". Someone asked why so i told a few stories about the stupid things he used to do around Stratford and then all these 12 year olds were like "omg ur such a bitch that's not true ur just jealous". Ahahaha.

ANYWAY after i finished reading all this crap i went back to my MSN window, and what do i see but HIS FACE at the bottom.

I swear to god. Internet spies. FUUUUUUUCK.
I think that about half the reason i stopped seeing you is because you have a full beard and beards kind of creep me out.

Now i think i like you again but i'm kind of afraid to talk to you.

'Cause you still have that damn beard.
ɛm.ɪ.li: 'dʌn.bɑ:r says:
when i move back to Toronto i'm gonna learn how to play the guitar
<<Brandon>> says:
'ɛm.ɪ.li: 'dʌn.bɑ:r says:
and be like, a feminist indie singer-songwriter that wears plaid shirts and you're not quite sure if she's a lesbian or not?
<<Brandon>> says:
'ɛm.ɪ.li: 'dʌn.bɑ:r says:
Cause she's intentionally vague when she sings about relationships as to whether she's talking about a guy or a girl, and the girls kinda hope she is a lesbian and the guys kinda hope she isn't but also kinda hope that she is so that they'll get to see her make out with another chick maybe?

Writer's Block: Set the Scene

Empty parking garages, roadside motels, dark caves, dank basements, overgrown forests—what kind of setting makes you feel nervous?
I started reading this question and definitely was expecting the end to read "what kind of setting have you had sex in?" To which i would have had to answer "ALL OF THESE".

Ahaha, i'm joking, of course, i've only had sex in two of those locations.


I really hope i'm not going to have to borrow money from my dad to pay my rent deposit. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Something that Pisses me Off:

When someone mentions a book/tv show/movie/internet meme/etc. that i haven't read/watched/etc., and i say i don't know anything about it, and they go on to QUOTE THE DAMN THING or EXPLAIN IT TO ME for the next ten minutes. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.